Subscription FAQs

How long is the subscription?
It’s a rolling subscription. No tie-ins. You can cancel at any time. Just go to your account or contact me.

I just placed an order when will my NOSH arrive?
Delivery will be within a week of ordering and every 4 weeks after that.

What flavours will I get?
You can choose whether you get ‘regulars’ or ‘specials’. 

Can I change my regular flavour?
Yes – you can change your regular flavour by emailing me using the contact form. Feel free to do this as often as you like!

Why can’t I do this myself in my account?
I cannot yet perform this function, I totally understand it’s not ideal but I am still a micro business and have tech limits!

Are all NOSH vegan?

Where can I see the nutritional info?
Just under each NOSH flavour with the ingredients

Are all NOSH gluten free?
When oats are used they are not gluten free oats, so please check ingredients if this is important to you.

How many NOSH are in a tub?
There are 23 NOSH in each tub

How do I store my NOSH?
All NOSH freeze beautifully and defrost in just a few minutes so you can decant as desired. Otherwise they are very happy ambient or in the fridge for a week (they won’t last that long – too tasty!)

Do I get a discount for subscribing?
£3 discount for 2 tubs

Are there any hidden costs?
No – delivery is included 

I don’t like my NOSH what should I do?
Not even a possibility!

I want to use one of my month’s subscriptions to send a gift – can I do that?
Drop me a note to change the shipping address for that month and I can include a handwritten note with your message.

Who designed such an incredible website?
I’m glad you asked; Speccy Media, check them out

Why do you use plastic tubs?
The containers I use are manufactured in the UK from recycled plastic. They are also recyclable and reusable. I chose this sturdy container to protect the NOSH in transit and to be freezable.

I have some questions before I subscribe!
Just get in touch. NOSH is always here for you.